Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2024.
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Founded in 2009, Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary began when I was volunteering at my local veterinary practice. They would receive the occasional wild casualty but without any room to keep them long term. Having a couple of spare cages at home, I would offer to help. Before I knew it, I was getting calls for all injured wildlife in the area and soon enough the second veterinary practice in town was also calling for help. It became clear that there was a need for this charity as I started to get calls from other towns as well! Fifteen years later, it has grown to the charity it is today, taking in close to 6000 rescues a year with a team of over 170 dedicated volunteers. I am occasionally asked if our work is interfering with nature, to which I reply that the vast majority of wildlife casualties are caused by human interference in the first instance. Whether that be through deforestation, car collisions, shootings, snares and traps, building work, cats and dogs and even malicious attacks. I therefore feel it important to right those wrongs and give nature a helping hand, which they so deserve. We are registered as a CIO with Registered Charity No: 1185213

Founder: Alexandra Farmer

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We Did it!

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary celebrates its
15th anniversary in 2024.

Wow, we did it! To commemorate our 15 year milestone, a group of dedicated volunteers embarked on a 15 mile walk on Saturday, June 8th, all the way from Whitby to the Hayburn Wyke. We managed to raise an incredible £2,090, despite enduring a few blisters along the way!

New Shop

Come and visit our new shop on Flowergate, Whitby and support WWS!

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the shop on our grand opening day on June 22nd. The kind words and encouragement you shared while browsing really lifted our spirits and made all the volunteers feel proud of their efforts.

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Feral Cats

A pointy little fox cub head peaks out of a domed plastic cat bed. There are toys and food bowls on the floor. This pen has been sponsored by Linda in memory of her mum Rosie.

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