Our Work with Foxes

Here at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, we have been dedicated to the rescue and care of the red fox for the past 10 years. We also offer a permaent home for foxes who are disabled, suffer neurological issues or toxoplasmosis… with plans to extend these facilities even further. All injured foxes we rescue are seen by our veterinary practice and no matter the cost for surgery or treatment, we always do our utmost to protect the life of the fox. Whilst in our care, foxes receive a good diet which is often raw meat, defrosted chicks and even fresh, disease-free roadkill – which a fox recognises and appreciates. When a fox that has been in our care is released back into the area he/she was rescued in, we ensure, when we do so, that the fox has as much chance of survival as possible. This means talking to local fox protection groups, ensuring they are not in an area which is regularly used for hunting. The fox is also support fed as it adapts back to living wild.

We hand rear a number of fox cubs every season, orphaned due to a number of reasons. Sometimes the general public will find a cub and mistakenly think it’s a baby dog! Every fox cub, though adorable, is treated as a wild animal and is never cuddled. Handling is kept to a minimum to ensure the fox remains wild and can be released back to where it belongs … the wild.

We also work with foxes with mange. This terrible condition kills foxes and any rescued mange cases are kept isolated to prevent the spread of infection. The treatment for which takes several weeks of injections.